Travelling to India and Nepal

Travel broadens the mind, they say. Our journeys to the countries where our rugs are produced are definitely characterized by many new impressions. Often, we will be surprised by how much is possible on the production side: much more than we imagine! Thus, it is not just fun to travel to India and Nepal, but we always learn a lot as well: about wool dyeing, about weaving and its endless possibilities, about the final steps that have to be undertaken before a rug is finished – and about the locals’ approach to dealing with new challenges. We always find that while communication works very well in English, it takes joint on-site experiences to develop a real mutual understanding.

Between illusion and reality

"Staircase", the second masterpiece resulting from our cooperation with BLESS, takes us and the viewer into the world of architecture, climbing and descending: a trompe l'oeil, not painted, but knotted.
Based on an idea by Bless, we have turned a photo of a staircase into a design plate and ultimately, into a beautiful hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal. Made from Tibetan wool and silk in 45 different shades of grey, the rug consists of more than 1.7 million knots.
The design makes use of perspective to create an optical illusion of three-dimensionality. Where does the way lead to? It is up to you and your imagination!

Just like its predecessor, the "Carpethammock", "Staircase" plays with our visual conventions, allowing for new perceptions and perspectives.
The question is: What will be next? The flying carpet?

„Staircase“ is available at BLESS
Oderberger Strasse 60
10435 Berlin

Rue Portefoin
75003 Paris

Steel frames love wool!

We are pleased to launch our new partnership with Thonet for the imm interiors show.Our nonchalant modern rugs utterly enchant Thonet furniture – a highly emotional and sensuous liaison!
Visit us!

imm cologne

Cologne, 16 to 22 January 2017
Hall 3.2 / Stand E 21


From rug to hammock

For the exhibition BLESS N° 56 WORKERS' DELIGHT, on show at the Vitra Design Museum from 10 June – 9 October 2016, Reuber Henning have established a very special collaboration with Berlin label BLESS: Based on the Reuber Henning design Casablanca Flowers, they have developed the "Carpethammock", which takes its place in a series of redefined hammocks (BLESS N°28 Climat Confusion Assistance).

In line with the concept of the Readymade, the rug has been removed from its traditional place, the floor, almost unchanged. Within the context of the project, it has been redefined as a suspended, moving piece of furniture, a luxury place to sleep and work.


10 June – 9 October 2016
Vitra Design Museum Gallery

Photocredit: ©Vitra Design Museum, photo: Bettina Matthiessen


Meet the queens of stripes at Milan's Salone del Mobile, where they will be presenting the latest of their hand-made rug creations as well as old favourites.

Opening: Wednesday, 13 April, 10 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Tuesday, 12 April – Sunday, 17 April: open from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Alberto Levi Gallery
Via San Maurilio, 24
20123 Milano

A match made in heaven

These days, REUBER HENNING rugs and Thonet chairs come together in Toulouse.
On display at Galvani 2b design 5 March until 4 April.

Galvani 2b design
19, Rue du Rempart Saint Etienne
31000 Toulouse


In 2016, REUBER HENNING will again present their latest designs at the DOMOTEX in Hanover, the world's largest trade fair for flooring and carpeting.
We are looking forward to welcoming friends and colleagues from all over the world and to offering them a glass of crémant at our booth! Of course, you can also browse through the new collections, designs and colour variants 24/7 on our website or visit us at our showroom in Berlin-Schöneberg during opening hours. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Domotex Hannover
January 16 to 192016
Hall 17 / D44


On 27 November 2015, Absolut Art inaugurate the studio on the top floor of the Aufbauhaus on Moritzplatz. Decorated as an urban loft, the pop-up apartment will house works by artists such as Ali Kepenek and Gregor Hildebrand for ten days.
These editions will be available for purchase. REUBER HENNING rugs and furniture by Ligne Roset, Nils Holger Moormann, Norman Copenhagen and Arne Jacobsen will round off the picture, turning the whole loft into a work of art in its own right.

Visitors are welcome to relax, enjoy a coffee and make themselves comfortable in the apartment.

Absolut Art Apartment
27 November – 6 December 2015
Loft im Aufbauhaus, Moritzplatz
Prinzenstraße 84, 10969 Berlin, Germany
Coffee bar and loft open daily from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Cocktail hour daily from 5  – 7 p.m.

Take a stroll through Neverland!

From August till December, our stripe designs make a guest appearance in an exhibition at Möbelhaus Pfister in Dübendorf, Switzerland. The protagonists of the show include classics such as Heartland and Neverland as well as our latest stripe and checker designs, made from Tibetan highland wool and 25% silk.

REUBER HENNING rug "Shallow Luna" moves into architect Arno Brandlhuber's "anti-villa" close to Potsdam

Since May 2015, our rug Shallow Luna has been enjoying the good company of pieces of art by Anselm Reyle, Björn Dahlem, Karin Sander and Gregor Hildebrandt: It is adorning the floor of architect Arno Brandlhuber's "anti-villa". Far from just blending in with the raw concrete walls, the round hand-knotted rug made in Nepal acts as a sensual counterpart. Just like hundreds of years ago, when a rug was a piece of nature that humans brought into their home, Shallow Luna serves this very same purpose by means of its "watery" surface and full-moon shape. Its smooth texture seduces its owner to pause and relax.

Boasting stunning lake views, the anti-villa lies close to Potsdam, just outside Berlin. True to the principle of "substance over appearance", it sticks out among the exclusive lakeside buildings, in terms of form as well as in terms of concept, presenting grey roughcast walls instead of pompous cream-coloured columns. The building had once housed a GDR knitwear factory, then fallen into disrepair. Today's studio and apartment complex is a prime example of modern rather than imposing architecture. Instead of adding panoramic windows, the owner has knocked irregular holes into the lakeside facade to open up the view. Now the lake and the moon can peek back inside through these large, roughly-hewn holes – and as of this summer, spot a REUBER HENNING rug.


Only for a short time: Selected single pieces on sale at our Showroom in Berlin-Schöneberg. Learn more about the production of hand knotted rugs in Nepal and our design work. Sale catalogue available upon request - please contact us.

Reuber Henning SALE 2015

June 11th-13th and 18th-20th
Thursday to Saturday, 1pm-7pm
and on appointment

Tel +49 30 32590145
Apostel-Paulus-Str. 19 10825 Berlin, Germany
U4/U7 Bayerischer Platz

Earthquake in Nepal

We are deeply shocked about the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal.
Our hearts and thoughts are with our friends and colleagues in Kathmandu.
REUBER HENNING support the charity campaign of STEP, our partner for Fair Trade certification. It helps the victims in the carpet industry and their relatives.
Label STEP


NEPAL 2015

Exciting design comes from Berlin – in the form of superior modern rugs, hand-knotted in Nepal

We strive to continually enhance our rugs in terms of material and design, a process that is by no means limited to the confines of our studio in Berlin, but often takes us to Nepal to add the finishing touches. On site, we can take inspiration from the possibilities that come with the different materials and knotting techniques, which in turn enables us to produce those unique rugs, whose design and material quality are equally superior. We at REUBER HENNING owe most of our expertise on rugs and their production under fair working conditions to our wonderful workshop in the Kathmandu valley – as well as our heartfelt thanks!

Thank you!

After a successful fair is before a successful fair! Just a few days ago, we were presenting the new designs for 2015 in Hanover − now, our creative engine is already running at full speed again.


We present our new designs at world`s leading Carpet fair Domotex: Shibori, Ragtime, new Stripes- and Classic Designs and Made by Nature. See them at Domotex, Hall 17/Booth D44, or at our Berlin Showroom.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone again – friends, fellow designers, retailers, manufacturers, journalists and the Domotex team – and to seeing people of different origin, culture and religion come together so peacefully and joyfully!


Made By Nature

Classy and in tune with nature – that needn't be a contradiction! If REUBER HENNING decide to recover classic animal fur patterns, they do it with their distinctive subtlety. Glossy silk, natural tones, classic motifs – a natural luxury with a character of its own, combining tradition and the beauty of the exotic.
Classics of the past and of tomorrow that call for refined combinations.