Sustainability and fair trade

REUBER HENNING stands for superior quality and sophisticated design, but also for a sustainable production and fair working conditions. This is why our rugs bear the Label STEP. The Swiss non-profit organisation behind it is committed to improving the living and working conditions in the regions where hand-made rugs are produced, ensuring fair wages, fighting child labour, promoting environmentally sound production techniques and striving to improve people's lives. In order to achieve these goals, Label STEP systematically monitors licensees' production facilities.

When it came to chosing a workshop, we attached great importance to finding one that offered a cordial environment and also specialised in custom work: Here, instead of mass production, each individual item is made to order. The result is a top quality, high-end product, made under verifiable conditions and traded without intermediaries.
Our regular visits to Kathmandu serve to test and develop new ideas and techniques. But it is also the bonds we have grown with the people that keep drawing us back to Nepal: trust, respect and mutual appreciation are crucial in a cooperation across cultures. During our trips, we make sure to take time for this, too, because the country and its people have – far beyond rugs – long since become dear to us!