Between illusion and reality

"Staircase", the second masterpiece resulting from our cooperation with BLESS, takes us and the viewer into the world of architecture, climbing and descending: a trompe l'oeil, not painted, but knotted.
Based on an idea by Bless, we have turned a photo of a staircase into a design plate and ultimately, into a beautiful hand-knotted rug produced in Nepal. Made from Tibetan wool and silk in 45 different shades of grey, the rug consists of more than 1.7 million knots.
The design makes use of perspective to create an optical illusion of three-dimensionality. Where does the way lead to? It is up to you and your imagination!

Just like its predecessor, the "Carpethammock", "Staircase" plays with our visual conventions, allowing for new perceptions and perspectives.
The question is: What will be next? The flying carpet?

„Staircase“ is available at BLESS
Oderberger Strasse 60
10435 Berlin

Rue Portefoin
75003 Paris