From rug to hammock

For the exhibition BLESS N° 56 WORKERS' DELIGHT, on show at the Vitra Design Museum from 10 June – 9 October 2016, Reuber Henning have established a very special collaboration with Berlin label BLESS: Based on the Reuber Henning design Casablanca Flowers, they have developed the "Carpethammock", which takes its place in a series of redefined hammocks (BLESS N°28 Climat Confusion Assistance).

In line with the concept of the Readymade, the rug has been removed from its traditional place, the floor, almost unchanged. Within the context of the project, it has been redefined as a suspended, moving piece of furniture, a luxury place to sleep and work.


10 June – 9 October 2016
Vitra Design Museum Gallery

Photocredit: ©Vitra Design Museum, photo: Bettina Matthiessen